Pilot and Feasibility Projects
Our Center supports Pilot and Feasibility projects that are either basic science or translational in nature. Three general categories of investigators are considered for Pilot and Feasibility funding: (1) newly independent investigators without current or previous R01 or VA Merit Review support; (2) established investigators with limited previous kidney-related research; and (3) established renal investigators proposing innovative ideas that represent a clear departure from ongoing research directions. Pilot and Feasibility projects are funded for up to two years in duration. Calls for applications, when available, are listed below. Applicants are asked to provide a brief description their proposed pilot project (limited to three pages, not including references). In addition, the applicant must provide a brief outline of how they meet the eligibility criteria outlined above, an updated NIH biosketch (including other support), and a “working title” for their proposed project.

For additional information contact Dr. Kleyman or Dr. Weisz.

The following criteria will be considered in evaluating the merit of each proposal:
  • Scientific merit
  • Innovation
  • Methodology
  • Likelihood that the work will advance understanding of renal cell biology, physiology, or pathophysiology
  • Background and experience of the investigator
  • Adequacy of resources and environment to support the project
  • Likelihood that the pilot study will lead to subsequent extramural, peer-reviewed funding
  • Use of the Core facilities
  • Likelihood that the project that will foster interactions with members of our Center
Currently funded projects:

Nathan Clark, Univ Pittsburgh
Identifying ion channel regulators through evolutionary signatures

Mark deCaesteker, Vanderbilt Univ
The role of retinoid acid signaling in tubular regeneration after acute kidney injury

Aura Kullman, Univ Pittsburgh
Specialized serotonergic sensory cells in the urethral epithelium  
Ora Weisz, Univ Pittsburgh
How does ciliary bending regulate endocytosis in the proximal tubule?
Previously funded projects:

Kenneth Hallows, MD, PhD
AMPK and creatine transport regulation in the kidney 

Agnieszka Swiatecka-Urban, MD
Regulation of endocytic trafficking of nephrin

Linton Traub, PhD
Cytoskeletal regulation of apical protein endocytosis in the kidney proximal tubule

Gerard Apodaca, PhD
Uroplakin function in kidney development

Michael Butterworth, PhD
A MicroRNA screen to identify novel aldosterone induced proteins involved in ENaC regulation

Nuria Pastor-Soler, MD, PhD
Regulation of V-ATPase by aurora kinase A in kidney carcinoma cells

Donna Stolz, PhD
The role of NF-kB in age-related renal dysfunction

Qingde Wang, MD, PhD
Roles of RNA editing in kidney

Ora Weisz, PhD and Polly Matilla, PhD
Endolyn modulation of CXCR4 signaling in recovery from kidney injury

Jacqueline Ho, MD
Defining the role of the miR-17~92 cluster in the podocyte

Rebecca Hughey, PhD
The role of MUC1 in AKI and recovery

Jeffrey Isenberg, MD
Parenchymal CD47 promotes multiple mechanisms of acute renal injury

Arohan Subramanya, MD
In vivo regulation of the WNK1 isoform switch