Center Overview
A major goal of our Center is to advance our knowledge of normal kidney function, cellular mechanisms that contribute to kidney disease, and the myriad altered cellular functions that occur in the setting of renal insufficiency. Our O’Brien Kidney Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh and Mount Sinai School of Medicine has enhanced the efficiency and productivity of a large number of kidney-related research projects currently in progress, facilitated the acquisition of data for new projects, enhanced interactions among center investigators and led to new collaborations. Center Cores have facilitated the exploration of new directions of investigation using physiological, cell biological, genetic, analytical and molecular biological tools, as well as model organisms. The Center has attracted young clinician-scientists into careers in biomedical research with a focus on renal-related disorders. All our cores have unique resources for the renal research community within the United States and internationally, and are developed as cores that serve as a national and international resource.

The Pittsburgh Center for Kidney Research supports the following:

• Scientific research through its cores

Education and training opportunities, including mini-sabbaticals

• Pilot and feasibility projects

To participate in the Center, download the core usage form.

Center Administration:

Center Director: Thomas Kleyman, MD

Center Associate Director: Ora Weisz, PhD

Cellular Physiology Core Director: Marcelo Carattino, PhD

Single Nephron and Metabolomics Core Directors: Lisa Satlin, MD and Ed Jackson, PhD

Kidney Imaging Core Director: Gerard Apodaca, PhD

Model Organisms Core Directors: Jeff Brodsky, PhD and Neil Hukriede, PhD

Executive Steering Committee: Thomas Kleyman, MD; Ora Weisz, PhD; Gerard Apodaca, PhD; Jeffrey Brodsky, PhD; Marcelo Carattino, PhD; Neil Hukriede, PhD; Edwin Jackson, PhD; and Lisa Satlin, MD

External Review Committee: Douglas Eaton, PhD (Emory University); Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD (Children's National Medical Center); David Pearce, MD (University of California at San Francisco); Ambra Pozzi, PhD (Vanderbilt University); Youhau Liu, PhD and John Kellum, MD (University of Pittsburgh)